Helpful Resources

Here is a list of websites about dealing with grief, trauma debriefing information and other info for people that are struggling.


Useful Books:

Inside GriefInside Grief by Kathy Obrien
From Back Cover:
“Kathy knows about grief. She has suffered the loss of both her husband and her father, been through 3 miscarriages and is unable to have children. Inside Grief is a deeply personal account of how the author has coped with grief, providing sensitive, thoughtful and practical advice. Kathy gives sound spiritual advice but offers no easy answers or ‘quick fix’ solutions. It is a refreshingly real book, written by someone who has truly ‘been there’. ”

Midwife for SoulsMidwife for Souls by Kathy Kalina

Spiritual care for the dying and a pastoral guide for hospice care workers and all who live with the terminally ill.

From Amazon review —
Midwife for Souls touched my three brothers and I deeply during the final days of our father’s life. We were introduced to this book by a Hospice Chaplain who gave us permission to ask any questions that we wanted to about what to expect in the days ahead from moving dad from hospital to hospice care. Her references to this book of what to expect were just what I needed
to hear.

Kathy’s sensitivity, practical compassion and obvious calling to work with the dying was a source of deep strength and comfort to us all as we had not walked this way before. God used this book in helping us to address questions as a family that we do not normally talk about and to provide us with an environment of love and care to share our hearts.

Her practical insights from more than 20 years of experience helped us move from the unknown to the known in how to prepare ourselves for the uncertain days ahead of us not only with Dad but four other deaths within a period of two years.

Midwife for Souls has been a constant resource for me as a Minister in walking with families who face the loss of a loved one both for those who profess faith and for those who do not. The sensitivity, prayer and comfort that Kathy offers in this book will help you and be a source of God’s care to you. God promises to walk with us through every situation and challenge
that we face and He will be with you as well.

G. Stephen Goode

Lives Given Not TakenLives Given not Taken by Erich Bridges and Jerry Rankin
The title, “Lives Given, not Taken” by Erich Bridges and Jerry Rankin is the story of 8 Southern Baptists missionaries killed in the last three years by terrorist bombs and drive-by shootings in Yemen, Philippines and Iraq. It is a strong reminder of the cost of following Jesus and serving in some of the most challenging places.

I needed something from God in light of recent deaths we have had recently in our organization. God spoke to me through the commitment of all of these missionaries. Reading this book was very helpful for me and was very important to be reminded of the cost of service. These were lives that were gladly given in service to God.

From Page 223, ” The pain is deep, the grief prolonged. We do not readily get over the abrupt loss of a colleague and a friend. The death of a son or daughter, husband, father or brother, wife, mother or sister, leaves an ache in the depth on one’s soul. The vibrant smile is gone; the hearty laugh is silent. The intimate sharing with a mentor and encourager has ceased. We cannot understand why one devoted to serving the Lord would have his or her ministry cut short or why the light of a testimony in a dark world would be extinguished.

Yes, we grieve. A missionary team feels a glaring gap when one of its members is no longer there. A family who has been accustomed to separation and only occasional fellowship during a periodic furlough, struggles with the reality that the loved one will not be coming home again. Our Lord identified with our grief in the loss of a friend, and we know that He identifies with us still. It is not incidental that His abiding presence in the person of the Holy Spirit would be identified as the `the Comforter’, the One who comes alongside us and brings peace to our troubled hearts and grace to minister to our need.”

He goes on to talk about grieving, hope and obedience to God that underlined why we do what we do and why we live the way we live. It reminded me not just of the most recent deaths but of those who have died during our organizations short history.

Jerry Rankin’s introduction, ” Why Do Missionaries Go to Dangerous Places?” and his epilogue, “May We Who Follow Be Found Faithful” are worth the entire book.

G. Stephen Goode

YWAM MemorialsA digital place to honor, remember and give thanks to God for those who have died in the service of God through YWAM. has been a digital place to honor, remember and give thanks to God for those who have died in the service of God through YWAM. In the last month, in discussions with Donna Jordan Co-Founder YWAM Associates International and Patricia Talbott leader in YWAM Associates International, we sensed that it was right to blend these two websites together. For Peter Jordan, also Co-Founder of YWAM Associates is now with the cloud of witnesses, this was very much in his heart and so also in honor of Peter these two websites are now blended. Please visit this new Memorial site to see the current Memorials listed or to create a Memorial of a YWAM loved one.

- Steve Goode and The YWAM Associates International Team