Michael Mbewe

09/12/63 – 01/04/09

Michael (Mike) Mbewe was born in Chegutu, Zimbabwe, the 6th in a family of seven. His parents were farm labourers on a huge commercial farm. Mike went to to school in the local town up to 6th grade, then had to stop during the war when it was dangerous to walk 16km to and from school everyday. He went to Harare where he continued with school at night and did odd jobs during the day.

Mike became a Christian in 1987 after his young brother introduced him to a man who shared the Gospel with him.

Mike went to do a DTS in Bulawayo in 1994. After his DTS he stayed on staff and was active on the base until 1998 when he went to Worcester to do his LTS. After the LTS he came back to Zimbabwe and re-opened the work of YWAM in Harare. He was base leader there for about 2 years. He then went to Canada to do his SBS. This was a great time for him but he had to come back to renew his passport. Mike was feeling called to the First Nation of Canada where he had been on ministry and wanted to go back there long time. This did not work as his visa was denied.

Mike decided to go back to Bulawayo where there was a desperate need for staff. He felt that his calling at that time was to go and serve the base leader.

He was still helping at the Bulawayo base at the time that he went to be with the Lord.

Mike was a keen fisherman – he loved fishing. he also was a great cartoonist who brightened up the base in Bulawayo with his cartoons. He was a real servant leader and was committed to many young leaders in Zimbabwe.

Mike never married but was greatly loved by those he served in Zimbabwe and Canada.

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