Marja Woensdregt

Marja was born on May 8, 1954 and she passed away on July 14, 2004 On the card at her funeral was the quote: Her life was giving! And the Bible verse: Deut. 33:27

After serving in Holland at a Christian Organization, Marja had a desire to do mission work. She did a DTS in Hong Kong (1986). After her DTS she felt led to join Operation Inheritance, a team intended to evangelize and to do follow-up for new believers. Marja came to Thailand in 1986.

She lived right opposite the main-campus of Ramkhamhaeng University. Her days were filled with learning Thai and making friends with the university students.

Marja had a real gifting for learning languages. She understood the Thai language very quickly… She made some meaningful contacts with some girls, who were drawn to her beautiful smile and encouraging words. And she was very thoughtful.Always thinking of others first.

Even though Marja wanted to get some different experiences, her secretarial and organizational skills lead her to be involved in office work, serving the YWAM national office and assisting in the pioneering work of YWAM in Chiang Rai.