Maris Dzelzs

From YWAM Latvia memorial page.

YWAM Latvia mourns the loss of our national director, Maris Dzelzs, 48, who passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack in Latvia on December 10, 2007. Maris and his wife Judite founded YWAM Latvia in 1993, along with the help of YWAM Slavic Ministries and the YWAM Salem, Oregon center.

Maris pioneered many new things in Latvia. Prior to joining YWAM, he was involved in the former Soviet Union with underground Christian-literature printing, large-scale evangelism, and helping to pioneer the Latvian Christian Mission. His miraculous conversion following a rough past as a gang leader and prisoner for seven years motivated his heart to reach others. His influence reached into many spheres of society, including government, professional hockey, mass media, church, and especially the lives of youth.

Maris always tried to bring justice into situations of injustice and he would always fight for those who were not strong enough to fight for themselves. Maris was a visionary, always thinking up new ways of doing new things. He loved a challenge and had the heart of an evangelist. He was a father to five children: Kristine (now married, living in USA and just gave birth to a baby girl), Solveiga (working with YWAM in Guatemala), Laura (staffing DTS in Herrnhut, Germany), Arturs (playing Junior-level hockey in the USA) and Viktors (attending Christian School in Latvia). They were the pride of his life.

He will be terribly missed

YWAM Latvia Maris Dzelzs Memorial page

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