Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom (April 15 1892 – April 15 1983) As an inspiration to many, including lots of YWAMers to whom she shared her story (many call her still tante/aunt Corrie), including the ones who were reaching out from the castle of YWAM Hurlach at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

Together with her family she stood up against the Nazi regime in Holland during the second Worldwar. In their house in Haarlem they hid many different people who were on the run of the Nazi. Unfortunately the Ten Boom family was betrayed and they was put into prison and later send to concentration camps. Here Corrie was able to share the gospel with her fellowprisoners, who lived in horrible conditions together. Through a miracle Corrie got released. From her family she is the only one who survived.

She shares her story in many books of which the Hiding Place was made into a movie with the same title. Her story is significant because of what God did in her life and that of others, both during and after the war.

 The Ten Boom’s house is a museum which is visited by many around the world.