Brianna Esswein

Brianna, from Cypress, California, grew up in a Christian home and gave her life to the Lord in February of 1996. A few months later she took first mission trip to Mexico. It was a life-changing experience of reaching out to people in need who didn’t know anything about Jesus. Soon after, Bri committed her life to go wherever the Lord called her to go.

In May 2002 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and became a registered nurse (RN). When Bri applied to do medical missions the following year, she wrote, “God is a part of every second of my day. My life would never be the same without Him in it. My life is not my own and this is not my life, it is His. I have been placed in each situation for such a time as this, to do His will and to walk in His ways"

In 2003 Brianna completed her DTS on the Anastasis with Mercy Ships and served with an outreach team on the west coast of Africa. In the Spring of 2005 she received her Masters in Missions and Intercultural Studies at Wheaton College, Illinois.

She accomplished her goal to serve in ministry as a midwife after training at the Birth Attendant School in Perth in 2005. She brought compassion and hope to women and babies in Nigeria. “My greatest desire is not to bring medicine, but the love of God to women and babies, that they might know Jesus, our Savior.”

To those who knew and loved her, Bri was a vibrant, generous, all-embracing friend who lived her love for Jesus with her whole heart. She bubbled over with joy and delight to serve the Lord and lifted her voice to worship Him in songs of praise. She had a brilliant mind, a humble spirit, and an irrepressible passion to inspire others to serve the Lord in missions. “I am willing to live and die for my Lord and will follow Him to the ends of the earth, knowing that it may cost me everything, but there is no greater joy that serving my God and only through Him can my life and joy be made complete.” Brianna’s passion to serve the Lord in the mission field cost her everything, and she poured out her life as a fragrant offering that will be remembered long after her time on earth.

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