Welcome to YWAM Memorial

How do we regularly remember and honor those who have died in service to the Lord through YWAM? Some of us have the custom to go and visit a cemetery or memorial garden where our friends and loved ones have been laid to rest. We may bring flowers but we spend some time. We give thanks to God for our friends or family, their service, their lives, their love, their impact upon people and upon us, their friendship and we remember with prayer those whom they have left behind.

It makes it difficult for us to do this or to have a place that we can visit, as we are in a global mission working in more than 160+ countries. However, it is important to be able to remember and appropriately honor our friends and co-workers. This is what this YWAM-Memorial website is all about. It is a place to spend a few moments to remember, give thanks to God, reflect on lives of our friends, to honor them and to pray.

So, this website is for you. To share a few moments, you can leave some thoughts if you want, some memories, a picture but it is ok just to stay for a while. Thank you for remembering, for being here and for your service to the Lord. Our YWAM family and friends who have gone before us have joined a great cloud of witnesses who encourage us on in our love and service to God and in our love and service to our neighbors till all see and hear of God’s love.

Stephen Goode
Bangkok, Thailand