Lora and Caleb Smith

Lora Smith fell into a ravine after she tried to escape a shepherd who fatally shot her husband and 4-year-old son in the country of Georgia.

Ryan Smith and his wife, Lora, had been living in the Republic of Georgia for over 10 years, working to revive the traditional carpet weaving industry.

A 20-year-old shepherd killed Smith and their four year old son, Caleb, on July 4 at Khada Gorge, in the Dusheti region of Georgia — but their bodies were not found for several days.

Police recovered Lora’s body from the edge of a waterfall. The next day, they found her husband’s remains.

The 20-year-old suspect confessed to shooting Smith and Caleb with a hunting rifle and then hiding the boy’s body “in an avalanche.” The mother died after falling into the ravine while trying to escape.

The Smiths moved to Georgia in 2011, where he founded reWoven, a company that creates traditional handcrafted woven carpets.

Lora and Ryan married in 2005, and she taught English through a Georgian government program. They both had dual citizenship in Georgia and the U.S.

Caleb was a joyful child with a ready smile. His older sister Shannon preceded her family into the Lord’s presence and was buried near their home in Georgia until being moved back to the USA with the bodies of her parents and brother.